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Project Design Project Details
Unique stained glass front door and custom made lamp for an upstate NY vacation home.
Custom stained glass window with oceanfront sunset memories of Long Beach, NY.
Custom stained glass award for a Fortune 500 company.
Custom stained glass light box above the dining room table can also be viewed from kitchen and den.
Newly built church requested custom stained windows with a touch of color, and a peaceful feeling.
Custom stained glass light box on a cathedral ceiling in the sunroom of an Adirondack home.

Windows | Hanging Pieces

Project Design Project Details
For this project, the client wanted custom stained glass for the living room of his waterfront home that reminded him of being in the jungle.
This custom half-moon exterior stained glass window was created to represent planets with an abstract design and transparent glass.
This art project started when my client asked me “can you make a mermaid?” and I said “yes, I can”. This unique custom stained glass was for the client’s master bathroom. To start the design, I needed to determine how the mermaid’s hair should look. It was a fun journey all the way to the end of the project.
This custom stained glass window for a Victorian home was designed with a lot of detail, and it needed to be an eye catcher for a good size window in the entry hallway.
This custom hanging stained glass piece was created with two different backgrounds, and two different styles of design in one frame.
I created this custom stained glass window with maximum light and a lot of beveled glass for a client’s dark bedroom.
My clients wanted custom stained glass for a long, thin window in their kitchen. They told me that they like grapevines, which is what I designed for them.
An Interior Designer came to me for a unique art deco design for her window. I created a purple flower with baroque glass.
My client wanted custom stained glass with birds, flowers, leaves, etc. for the top part of this window. Later in the project, they decided to use the same design for the center portion as well.
When I visited my client’s home and saw the beautiful backyard pool and deck, I knew that my custom stained glass design had to be related to the scene, and part of the amazing view.
My client spent some time looking through my custom stained glass art portfolio trying to find a design, and finally asked me “how about Dude?” That is how this unique western cowboy window with a beautiful wood frame was made.
My client from Italy wanted to remember the scene from the window of her previous home in Italy, so this custom landscape stained glass window was created.
My client asked me to make a custom stained glass Chinese dragon for their family room. During the project, I learned that every single part of the dragon represents different things. Designing this art project was really educational.
I designed this custom stained glass window for an Architect’s home/office. At first, it took a lot of thought to design a piece that would fit in with the style of the home and office, and the final result turned out great.
Simple custom stained glass design for a kitchen window.
The movie characters in this custom stained glass window reminded my client of her childhood. The stained glass was created according a picture provided by the client.

Doors | Side Lights

Project Design Project Details
My client mentioned that she can never have enough roses in her backyard, and I asked “what about the front yard?” That is how the rose design for the custom stained glass side lights in the front entryway began.
The outside of this old Victorian house inspired me to design these custom stained glass entry doors.
The custom stained glass on the transom and sidelights was designed for the entryway of an old traditional style house.

Kitchen | Cabinets

Project Design Project Details
The custom stained glass kitchen cabinets were designed to be simple yet unique.
These kitchen cabinets with custom stained glass featuring ribbon and pink flowers can be seen from the living room, den and entryway of the home.

Bathroom | Jacuzzi

Project Design Project Details
This beautiful beveled custom stained glass was created for my client’s Jacuzzi room.
This custom stained glass window was designed for a waterfront home with an ocean theme.
A custom stained glass double hung window for a Jacuzzi room.

Special Large Windows

Project Design Project Details
This large staircase became a magnificent staircase when these custom stained glass windows were installed.


Project Design Project Details
A stained glass ball for indoor or outdoor use. This project was extremely challenging to make without a form. It is 32” hollow full around.
A unique stained glass lamp with fish design and bronze base.
A custom stained glass jewelry stand for a Jewelry store.
A simple custom stained glass table lamp with a warm glow.
A custom beveled stained glass fireplace screen.
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